I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not fascinated and besotted with pregnancy, labour, birth and babies.  It is a passion I have had throughout my life.

Being “with women” has now become an integral part of my life.

Taking care of the physical and emotional well-being of a birthing mother and baby is a huge responsibility.  With the growing demand from women for change from the norms of institutionalised birth practices, there is a great need for woman-focused birth specialists, and that is what a direct entry midwife like myself, is – a highly skilled and “experienced-in-natural-birth” caregiver.

I have a firm belief that every new parent needs to be nurtured into that role of parenthood.  Having good support during the pregnancy and around the time of birth and even beyond is one way of ensuring that this nurturing will take place.  Every new mother and father deserve this, actually they need this.

Being available to answer questions, listen to struggles and make suggestions, encourage new mothers and fathers where they feel unsure, and reassuring them where they feel overwhelmed is actually vitally important. It is a way of growing whole parents, who in turn will grow whole children.

This impacts the family as well as the community.

I have much to offer young mums, positive encouragement and significance particularly aimed at women is something sorely lacking in our society today.

For me, this is not simply a job…..it is a calling and a passion from deep within.