I can honestly say I have experienced all forms of birth, yet my experience with my midwife, Debby Engelbrecht remains the most normal, natural and empowering.  I sought a midwife because I knew this time I had to be cared for by a care provider that not only understood the natural process of birth, but that also respected my role in it.  From the onset I found a space with Debby where I was at liberty to express my fears, my deepest birth desires and I was never rushed or pushed into any direction.  I felt respected, nurtured and most appreciatively I got educated on what I needed to make my birth a success.  I cherished the pre-natal appointments for what I came away with: love and genuine care.  I miss my pre-natal appointments!!!!

Debby was at all times not only professional in her care and manner, but went the extra mile to provide me with love and supporting what was a specialised case, and furnished me with information, empowering me with education on all things birth and VBAC. I felt that we working together as a team, and I never felt like I was out of control, unlike my previous experiences. I was not only invited to be part of the process, but encouraged to take control and trust myself and my body.

Debby created a ‘space’ where I was loved, valued, respected and encouraged which I felt I had not experienced at all in my previous births.  This birth was the way I felt it should be, for me and for every woman.

At each appointment I never felt rushed, I felt that Debby took the time necessary to attend to me and it was a great opportunity to explore the type of birth we were pursuing and to build a solid foundation of trust.  This is an important element to maternal care compared to my previous birth journeys. It was important to have these building blocks so that the actual birth was an environment with someone I trusted, and it facilitated the entire natural process beautifully.

I attended her antenatal classes as well and left with an appreciation not only of her passion for women and their individual stories, but am forever equipped with empowering information that has improved my knowledge and appreciation of childbirth. For me it was hugely important and I am so glad I did it.

In the lead up to the birth of my baby, Debby was always respectful of my wishes, although she was careful to keep me and baby safe. When baby was late in coming she took the necessary precautions all the while maintaining my dignity and choice in my choice of birth.  I wanted to go into labour spontaneously, and this was respected but I never felt in danger as Debby attended to me and had a plan should baby be too late.  In the end baby came when she was ready without the need for any type of natural induction and for this I was grateful.

On the night of my baby’s birth, I took great comfort in being able to birth at home. Debby arrived and both her calmness and demeanour put me at ease: she really is a natural facilitator of birth!!  I felt safe, I felt at peace knowing that I had an expert at hand should anything go awry.  Debby’s hand in it all was the perfect balance of intervention and respect of the naturalness of the process.  I did not feel unnecessarily poked or prodded, but rather guided and hedged in, protected and safe.  I needed the assurance that all was going as it should and I felt that confidence from her.  She also knew intuitively when to allow me to labour on my own.  Her manner was professional at all times.  We had a successful homebirth and I feel hugely grateful to Debby for what I have always longed for.  Following the birth, I never felt as though Debby had left my side, instead she went beyond the call of duty and stayed on the couch all night to attend to me and baby.  I felt hugely reassured by this and it made me more relaxed to know that she was there.  Having her attend to me after the birth in the weeks that followed is again a stark reminder of the differences between common maternal practice today and private midwifery led care.  Having these checks in my own home is far more relaxing in the first few critical weeks of bonding.  I highly recommend not only midwifery led care, but Debby as a midwife to anyone pregnant or considering having a baby. Thank you Debby for my birth journey, I am eternally grateful.