Dear Mama-to-Be,

I most definitely — very much — recommend Debby as a midwife to you!!!
She is the perfect combination of a midwife: VERY caring and motherly, CALM and patient — supportive, yet hands off and gives you space when you need it — straight up when she needs to be — encouraging and SUPER passionate about natural birth — you can see she LOVES her Mamas and their precious bubs, and so ENJOYS her work.
I SO appreciated how knowledgeable Debby was on natural birth — and not just that, but on health and nutrition, AND postpartum — it was SO lovely to be on the same page on so many things.
I also appreciated the FREEDOM Debby gave in us as a couple deciding how we want to do things — Debby believes in parents being educated, and then having the choice to go with what they feel is best.
Her thoughtfulness and CARE — and the little things she adds (like giving a real printed “birth certificate” with our baby’s footprints on, and a big sister gift for our eldest) — was just SO special.
I could not have had the pregnancy and birth I did, without her support — and already miss our appointments together, because it was like chatting with an old friend.
Thank you Debby!!!