We got to know Debby through the prenatal course my husband and I did with her. We only realized we had no clue to what we were doing, late in my pregnancy. Debby put her personal life on hold and went out of her way to accommodate us.
From the get go she was honest and straight to the point and we were given all the information we needed and more. This helped us to form our own opinions and be comfortable in our informed decisions when it came to the birth of our baby.
The course also looked at prenatal care for mom and postnatal care for baby and mom. This gave me the basics in understanding what was to come. Debby was on my speed dial and told me that the course does not end here, she would be available through the rest of my pregnancy and when baby arrives anytime for anything.
After we left the hospital, we were unsure if baby was getting enough milk, so I expressed and gave it to him in a bottle. In less than a day he had nipple confusion and refused to drink from the breast. I called Debby and she immediately came over. The most important thing she did when she arrived was to calm us all down and made us feel like the worlds best parents for all the effort we had been through with feeding Ruben so far. She calmly helped me to get Ruben to latch properly, even though he was screaming and refusing, eventually he took to the breast again. I kept her up to date on how the rest of the evening went. The following evening I had given up hope, Debby arrived, practically at her bedtime, to come and assist us again. Thereafter things got back on track again.
Debby constantly supported and motivated me with my decision to breastfeed and her experience and knowledge with mothers, babies and breastfeeding shows through everything she does. She has a natural feel for nurturing.
Breastfeeding came naturally as supposed to but it was clearly not easy for me, now I can say I am an absolute pro in it, thanks to Debby and her support. People easily tell you to stop when things get hard, but Debby never stopped motivating and making me feel like a super mom for trying my best. Having someone with knowledge on your side just telling you you are doing great goes a long long way.
I will definitely recommend Debby to any expecting mother and father and any mother and baby. She makes you feel comfortable and at home, like you have been family all along. She knows what she is talking about and has so much relevant, up to date knowledge. As I said before she really goes out of her way to help wherever she can to show you how to be the best mom you can be for your baby.
Super proud parent of Ruben
Deani Vermaak