I had the pleasure of having Debby as my midwife with the birth of my 3rd child. My first was a hospital birth in London and my second was a homebirth in London. As the care in the UK is midwifery led I had experienced quite a few midwives during my pregnancies and births. What I value in Debby is that she knows the relevance of conventional medicine and its purpose so as to offer sound advice to pregnant women. I experienced that Debby wants to be thorough without being invasive. She thinks about the safety of my baby without me feeling worried.

During our prenatal appointments Debby had all the time in the world for me. Debby wants the whole picture and asks the right questions and cares about what I eat and which supplements I took. She listened to any concerns I had and has a vast array of alternative choices both in homeopathy and natural methods.

During labour and after birth Debby helped me to feel calm, protected and safe.

Having had other midwives I can attest that Debby is a combination of everything a midwife should be.  She is warm, nurturing, honest and supportive. She is enabling women to have the births they thought was not possible.

Janine Gibbings