My husband and I can definitely recommend Debby as our Midwife!

My husband and I, well especially myself always dreamed of a home birth but we always had all the risks weighing heavy on our minds! After having our son in hospital naturally I knew I was low risk and it could be a possibility! But Mike, my husband was still not completely convinced, so we both went to see Debby together and she graciously answered every question we had.  I think we ended up spending over 2 hours with her and at no charge! Which I can never see a doctor doing! Debby spoke into all our fears, she was clued up and informed and we felt confident after our chat that this is what we want to do!

I loved every minute of our consultations with Debby, always greeted by her cheerful and kind daughters when we arrived and we never felt like we were a number in a queue being rushed! We chatted about everything under the sun and although they had a casual feel to them which I loved, Debby was always very thorough with all the necessary checks!

Debby suggested I go for a few blood tests which I never had with my son and I really appreciated going because we found out that my hemoglobin was low and that was why I was feeling so tired! So I was able to supplement with iron!

With my son I dreaded some of my doctor’s appointments! I loved having the scans and seeing our baby but I was always anxious and feeling like I needed to fight for what we wanted, which was a natural birth. There would be talk of a possible caesarean or my baby being big or my build not being suitable to go natural.  Debby is completely opposite, when you’re doubting, she is the most positive for you! Always making sure that as long as you are looking after yourself, and baby – eating right, exercising etc that it’s totally possible!

I also like Debby’s natural approach to everything, always recommending natural or herbal remedies first!

I felt Debby really gets personally involved with you on your journey, excited with you when you find out the gender of your baby! Remembering the name you have chosen for your baby! I felt like it wasn’t just Debby that was excited for us but her whole family!  It was wonderful to be taken in like that by your Midwife and her family!

I miss them a lot and often feel like I want to pop in on a Monday morning at 8:30 when I always had our appointments, just for a chat!

I started out having a Midwife and ended up having made a great friend!

Lastly I just want to say that Debby is very devoted to her clients, I knew I could call her anytime of day and she’d pick up the phone or WhatsApp pretty much straight back! There was never ever a feeling like I’m bugging her and in fact the one time I did call her late one night during her antenatal classes to tell her that I was feeling anxious because I hadn’t felt as much movement as I usually did from our very active little girly, she told me to come over immediately and I did, I was shocked to see she had a class in progress but was still willing to put them on hold to check me out and have a listen to baby’s heartbeat! Many experiences like this make us recommend Debby!

She has such a wonderful personal touch. After our daughter was born, Debby made her her very own birth certificate with her own foot prints on and the biblical meaning of her names and also put a photo of our daughter and I just after she was born on canvas for us to treasure the moment forever! Things like this are priceless and so personal, an experience you’d never ever have with a Doctor or Gynae!!

If you want the best birthing experience ever, then choose the best Midwife ever 😉😉😉